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Top Quality and Comfortable Orthotics in Brampton

Taking care of your feet is essential. An issue with your feet can have a direct impact on many other parts of your body and it can throw things out of alignment. Even minor foot issues can have an impact on your body mechanics, and can cause discomfort, back issues, hip pain, joint issues, and many other uncomfortable ailments. When left untreated, a foot issue can lead to more severe and debilitating issues.

Custom Orthotics Can Help!

Orthotics are known to help overcome a variety of health ailments, including foot, arch, and heel pain, ankle pain, joint pain, knee pain, flat feet, and even back pain, to name a few. They do much more than provide comfortable footwear, they help ensure your body is in proper alignment, helping you stay comfortable, mobile, and healthy.

If you are looking for Orthotics in Brampton, Downtown Brampton Wellness Centre can help you overcome your issues and fit you with custom orthotics.

Our Orthotic Options

We offer a variety of custom orthotics and products for our clients. This ensures you find the solution that will help you overcome your foot issue. We offer the following options:

  • Custom Orthotic Inserts
  • Shoes with Custom Inserts
  • Boots with Custom Inserts
  • Work Boots with Custom Inserts
  • Sandals with Custom Footbeds

Why Call Us?

Using a chiropractor for orthotics in Brampton is the perfect options to care for your feet and get the custom footwear you need to take the pressure off your feet. We understand that everyone’s situation is unique and this is why we take the time to assess your feet, and create custom orthotic based on your health needs and your feet. Consider calling us if you are in need of orthotics because:

  • We offer a large selection of custom orthotic options
  • We have orthotics for all styles of footwear
  • We have been making custom orthotics in Brampton for more than 12 years
  • Many of our staff have won awards for work in their specific field, including our Chiropractor, Dr. Douglas Vlaskamp, who was voted Best Chiropractor eight times in the Brampton Guardian Readers’ Choice Awards.
  • We pride ourselves on offering a personal touch when it comes to treating you and your family. We always have your best interests in mind.
  • We have been offering award-winning patient care since 2001
  • Many of our services we offer you are free, or low-cost personal assessments before you need to commit to a treatment plan

Want to be Fitted for An Orthotic in Brampton? Book Your Appointment Today!

Your feet are important and you need to take proper care of them. After all, you are on them all day long. If you are in need of orthotics in Brampton, give us a call to set up an appointment to explore your options. Relief is only a phone call away!

If you would like to explore your options for orthotics in Brampton, call the Downtown Brampton Wellness Centre at 905-451-3963, or visit us online at www.bramptonwellness.ca.