Voted Best Chiropractor, Essential Oils, How to Detox - Free Talk

Use Your Health Benefits, Massage Therapy Gift Certificates, Reducing Dementia for Seniors

Pokemon Got You?, Women’s Weight Loss Program, More Fruits & Vegetables

Pokemon Got You?, Women’s Weight Loss Program, More Fruits & Vegetables

Back to School, Patient Education Opportunities, Sit or Stand?

Summer Topics include: 25% Off Traveler’s Natural Remedy Kit, Managing Sports Injuries, Kombucha Tea

Sunny Days
Topics include: Good Posture Month, Can Acupuncture Help Me?, Stroke Prevention

Mother & Daughter Day
Topics include: Menstrual Health Talk, Dairy Free Banana Ice Cream, Adjusting The Upper Back

Spring Cleaning for YOUR Body
Topics include: Sleep, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) & Allergy Prevention

Feel the Love - Patient Appreciation Month

Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Feel Better by 2017!

Beat the Winter Blues/The Holidays Don’t Have to be Hazardous to Your Waistline/Gluten Free Dessert Recipe

Mindfulness Summit/3 Ways Mindfulness Makes You Healthier

Healthy Kids Back to School/Nutrition & Behaviour/Kids Backs Hurt Too!

Death By Sugar/Videogaming & Low Bone Density/Is Your Liver Fat?

Getting Fit While Avoiding the Gym/The Spine Is An Indicator Of Health

Building A Baby, Children Are Using More Alternative Healthcare

Why Butter IS Better, How Do Orthotics Work?

Cholesterol, Electrodermal Screening , Bell’s Palsy

Flu Shots, Vitamin B12 Injections

Surgery May CAUSE Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Eczema

World Spine Day, Immune Support for the Fall

Chiropractic for Stomach Pain

Men's Health, Reiki Sessons Now Available

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