Low Intensity Laser Therapy

Hi Doug, I am blown away! As you know, I have had severe chronic pain and spasms in my back and hip for approximately 15 years. The process of trying to find solutions has been very trying and frankly a significant challenge. I heard about the Bioflex Laser therapy on City News and had to try it out. My research led me to your clinic and wow, I am impressed and very relieved.

I have found you to be very patient with the complex nature of my condition and the extra time taken to explain the issues to me in a way that I could understand. Your care combined with the Bioflex Laser has been a bright light for me, I am encouraged. It is unbelievably awesome that 4 laser treatments have reduced my symptoms to less than 20% of what they were.

I am blown away with the results and find myself reflecting on the lack of direction from the many doctors I have seen over the 15 years of struggles. I am a big fan of Bioflex Laser."

James M. - Brampton

Why Use Low Intensity Laser Therapy?

This amazing technology used by sports teams to speed healing, is now available to you too! Patient recovery hovers in the 90% range. Unlike other therapies, Low Intensity Laser Therapy works at the cellular level to cure acute and chronic conditions. Short term benefits include reduced pain and inflammation. Long term benefits include stimulated healing and immune response, relief of symptoms, improved cellular function (ATP production), increased DNA production, improved nerve transmission, stimulated healthy cell replication, formation of new blood vessels and improved cellular electrolyte balance.

How Low Intensity Laser Therapy Works

LILT uses monochromatic light energy emitted from a diode placed in contact with the skin. We know sunlight on the skin helps our bodies convert cholesterol to Vitamin D. Likewise, the light energy from LILT is transformed into biochemical energy in the body, enhancing the body's healing process in several ways. First, the mitochondria in the cell are stimulated to increase production of APT (adenosine , triphosphate) our cellular fuel. Second, it has been shown to promote production and repair tissues throughout our bodies. Other cells are activated to control inflammation and enzyme release. Healing is accelerated because it is happening at the cellular level. These benefits are cumulative and, with sufficient stimulation, produce progressive improvements and sustained results.

How Do I Get Low Intensity Laser Therapy?

To receive Low Intensity Laser Therapy, you just need to call our clinic and book an initial visit with Dr. Vlaskamp. You will be given a thorough exam including orthopaedic and chiropractic testing and receive a diagnosis. Dr. Vlaskamp will determine if Low Intensity Laser Therapy will benefit your condition and treatment can start right away. A treatment plan will usually require 2-3 treatments per week for a couple of weeks, followed by a re-evaluation of how your condition is responding. The length of the treatment plan is determined by your condition and how your body is responding to Low Intensity Laser Therapy. If you have an Extended Health Benefits Plan, Low Intensity laser Therapy can be billed as chiropractic care.

Laser Therapy New Patient Form

A History of Low Intensity Laser Therapy

Low Intensity Lasers began to be used for therapeutic reasons in the 1960's after surgeons using High Intensity Lasers noticed that the incisions the created healed faster than expected. The surgeons realized that the tissues surrounding the incisions were being exposed to lower intensity laser energy. This discovery kicked off a wave of research into Low Intensity Laser Therapy as a therapeutic tool.

Since then there has been much research on the the effects of LILT on a variety of conditions. It has been shown to decrease pain, decrease inflammation, improve range of motion in muscles and joints and heal tissue.

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