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Brampton Guardian Readers’ Choice Awards
4 Times Voted Best Psychologist 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Alison Colavecchia, M.A., C. Psychology Assoc.
Psychological Associate
Therapist, Counsellor, Consultant
Registered with the Ontario College of Psychologists

Psychology Services

For Individuals

Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Tired of feeling stuck? Looking to get on with the business of life and living but in need of someone to challenge old patterns of thinking and feeling? Frustrated in your relationships? Struggling with issues around eating, weight and body image? Low self-esteem, unhealthy relationships and dissatisfying employment? Make peace with the past and present to make room for improved quality of life for the future through an engaging therapeutic process. Get a new lease on life, one step at a time.

For Couples

Tired of finding yourselves in the same negative, distressing cycle? Need help to reconnect with your partner and find new ways to resolve old hurts and problems? Tired of feeling lonely and alone in your relationship?

Alison offers therapy services to adults and couples struggling with a wide range of mental health, life transition issues that can lead to poor quality of life. Tackle things from the inside out. Issues might include: weight, shape and food preoccupation, body image issues, binge eating, eating disorders, substance abuse, trauma, life transition issues (e.g. separation and divorce, retirement), depression, anxiety, domestic violence, anxiety disorders and general concerns regarding self-esteem, quality of life and overall wellness. Alison takes a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Why work with Alison?

Alison has been involved in the mental health field for over 30 years. She brings not only a breadth of expertise to her work but also creates a warm, collaborative, non judgemental atmosphere where clients can address issues of a wide ranging nature over both the short and long term. She takes a whole health approach to healing in that she emphasizes wellness from the inside out: from renegotiating relationships with food and exercise, to examining irrational beliefs, relationships and self-care.

Areas of Specialty

General Mental Health and Life Transitional Issues:

  • Abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Body Image, Food, Weight and Shape Concerns
  • Couples Therapy - Using an emotion focused therapy (EFT) framework couples in distress are helped to reconnect. This includes those couples where one or both partners have a history of childhood trauma in their background
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Retirement
  • Trauma - Childhood sexual, emotional, physical abuse and neglect

General Health and Wellness:

  • Those Seeking Greater Balance and Purpose in their Lives
  • Addictions
  • Elite Athletes
  • Challenges with Parenting Teens

Alison has expertise in the treatment of those dealing with disordered eating and eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia and binge eating disorder) that may or may not include: binge eating, purging, low self and body esteem. She also has specialized expertise in the area of addictions for those with the addiction, family members with a loved one who has an addiction and those who are adult children of substance abusers.

As a designated service provider with the Canadian Sport Alliance, Alison also works with our national elite athletes to help them address mental health issues as they endeavour to reach their full athletic potential.

Services and Rates

Individual Therapy: $145/hour

Alison provides individual therapy services to adults and older adolescents struggling with life transition and/or mental health issues as noted above. Receipts are provided and most insurance plans will reimburse the cost as Alison is registered with the College of Psychologists.

Speaking: Rates are negotiated on a per event basis and vary depending on the topic being addressed, length of talk and audience.

Alison has spoken to a wide range of audiences on a wide range of topics that include:

  • Surviving divorce
  • Positive co-parenting through and after divorce
  • Whole health and wellness in women
  • The role of the Family Physician in the early identification and management of those with eating disorders
  • Helping families more than manage when an eating disorder is in the house
  • The need for support services within the continuum of care offered to those struggling with disordered eating and eating disorders

How Do I Book An Initial Visit With Alison?

Please contact Alison directly on her cell phone for the first visit. She will assess if working with her is the right treatment for you. If not, she will refer you to the best person to help you.

Contact Alison

Feel free to contact me either by phone, e-mail or snail mail at the following addresses:

Cell Phone: 416-356-1899

E-Mail: alisoncolavecchiagmail.com

Snail mail:
Downtown Brampton Wellness Centre
118 Queen St. West, Suite #205
Brampton, ON L6X 1A5

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