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Acupuncture & Cupping

Voted Best Naturopathic Clinic 2019 – First Place

rDowntown Brampton Wellness Centre is pleased to offer 2 Board Certified Naturopathic Doctors with the experience needed to help you get to the root of your complex health conditions.

Our Naturopathic Doctors have also completed the rigorous Therapeutic Prescribing Exam and can order laboratory testing and prescribe natural health remedies.

An Ancient Philosophy

Asian Medicine and Acupuncture are based on a 5000 year old philosophy and practice of balancing the complementary forces of Yin and Yang and ensuring the smooth flow of Qi (or Vital Force) within the energy meridians of the body. Therapies may include traditional herbal formulas, TCM dietary recommendations and Acupuncture to restore physical, mental and emotional health.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese practice of inserting thin solid needles into specific Acupuncture points in the body to promote the harmonious flow of Qi throughout the Meridians and achieve therapeutic effects. It is used to treat a variety of health conditions.

Acupuncture can be used for:

  • Stress Management & Relaxation

  • Headache Pain

  • Insomnia

  • Pain Management (Muscular & Injury)

  • Menstrual Pain

  • Menstrual Cycle Regulation & Hormonal Balancing

  • Addiction Treatment Complement

  • Digestive Complaints (Constipation, Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain)

Acupuncture is only one of the treatments offered by our Naturopathic Doctors.

Please take a look at our Naturopathic Page to learn more.

Please note: Acupuncture & Cupping appointments are billed as Naturopathic Medicine

Our Naturopathic Doctors:

To find out which of our Naturopathic Doctors would be best for you, please click on their names to take a look at their individual profiles.

Dr. Tamar Ferreira, B.Sc., N.D.

Dr. Jasraj Jaswal, B.H.Sc., N. D.

We offer 2 ways to start Acupuncture treatment with our Naturopathic Doctors:

1) Book a FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION to see if Acupuncture can help you.

  • You will sit down with the doctor and briefly discuss your health concern.

  • You can decide if you would like to work with the doctor and you can book an initial appointment on another day.

  • No forms are required for the free consultation.


  • This appointment requires that the form be filled in prior to spending 60 minutes with the doctor.

  • The doctor will use your health history, naturopathic and conventional assessment tools, order testing if needed and determine a treatment plan that will address your health concern.

  • Testing and products will incur additional charges.


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