Clinic Forms

We now offer Digital New Patient Forms!


For your convenience, these secure forms can be filled in safely on any device from the comfort of your own home.


To receive treatment, your forms must be completed BEFORE your appointment.

How do Digital New Patient forms work?!


The forms you need will be sent in your initial CONFIRMATION email.


Just click the link and answer all the questions. Once completed, the form will come back to us automatically.

Confirmation Email.


CONFIRMATION emails contain 3 sections: 


  1. Our COVID-19 procedures

  2. The appointment date and location

  3. Any forms needed for your appointment

Plus, for your convenience, there is an icon at the bottom that will pop your appointment into your digital calendar.

Reminder Email.


To help you remember your appointment, a REMINDER email will come 24 hours before your appointment.


Current patients do not need to fill in a new form unless they are trying a new therapy.