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Downtown Brampton Wellness Centre wants to assure patients that we will follow the COVID-19 guidance of our local Public Health officials as well as our governing colleges, C.C.O. (Chiropractic), C.M.T.O. (Massage Therapy) and C.O.N.O. (Naturopathic Doctors).

January 12, 2021

The Ontario Provincial Government announcement regarding COVID-19 have deemed regulated health practitioners as essential services. Our governing professional colleges confirm that we are able to remain open to treat patients for painful conditions and necessary treatment. We will continue with our current COVID-19 procedures which include mask wearing, enhanced cleaning and scheduled cleaning buffers around each appointment. We encourage everyone to be vigilant with their health protocols at all times and to not venture out if you are in a higher risk health group or if you are just very concerned.


If there any changes to which services we are allowed to offer, we will contact you immediately. Thanks 


All Services Now Open (With cleaning buffers between patients)

  • Chiropractic Treatment

  • Custom Orthotic Fitting

  • Laser Therapy

  • Massage Therapy (30, 45 & 60 Minutes)

  • Naturopathic Doctors -
    Telemedicine Appointments (Video) and Phone Appointments. In-Person Naturopathic Appointments need to be approved by the Naturopathic Doctor.

  • Acupuncture

  • B12 Injections

  • Dispensary Products
    For Dispensary Products, please email us at Let us know what you need. Due to COVID-19 our suppliers have had disruptions with their supply chain. We will let you know if it is in stock and then help you schedule a time to pick up your dispensary product.

What's New At the Clinic?

Online Booking

  • Chiropractic, Laser Therapy and Orthotics:
    All Patients can now book Chiropractic appointments online.
    New Patients - your first CONFIRMATION email will have the digital forms you need.

  • Massage Therapy:
    All Clients can now book Massage Therapy appointments online.
    New Clients - your first CONFIRMATION email will have the digital forms you need

  • Naturopathic:
    All Patients can now book Telemedicine and Phone appointments online. 
    New Patients - your first CONFIRMATION email will have the digital forms you need.
    For In-Person Naturopathic Appointments, Acupuncture and B12 Injections you will need to call the clinic.


Digital New Patient Forms

To receive treatment, your forms must be filled in. 

How do digital forms work?

The forms you need will be sent in your initial confirmation email.

Just click the link and complete. The form will come back to us automatically.

Also, a Reminder Email will come 24 hours before your appointment.

Current patients do not need to fill in a new form unless they are trying a new therapy.


Coming Into The Clinic

    If you do not have one, you may purchase one at the clinic for $1.50.

    You may not come into the clinic if you or anyone in your family is ill with symptoms including fever, cough, shortness of breath or runny nose. Please call to cancel your appointment with us and then book an appointment with your MD or go to the COVID-19 screening centre at Brampton Civic Hospital or Peel Memorial hospital.

  • Physical Distancing
    To maintain physical distancing, please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment. Exceptions may be made if the patient needs physical help getting into the office, needs assistance in the treatment room or if the patient is a child.

  • Arrive On Time
    Please arrive only a few minutes before your appointment in order to limit the number of people in the clinic. If you get here very early, please wait in your car until closer to your appointment.

  • Coming Into the Building
    Once you arrive in the building, let the security guard know that you are coming to the chiropractic office. You will be allowed to come to the second floor and not have to line up downstairs.

Clinic Hours

Monday:  10:00 - 7:00

Tuesday:  10:00 -  7:00

Wednesday:  10:00 - 7:00

Thursday:  10:00 - 7:00

Friday:  10:00 - 2:00

Saturday: 10:00 - 2:00


Get In Touch

Please note that due to COVID-19  cleaning protocols, we cannot always answer the phone. Here are some other ways to reach us:

Please leave us a voice message 905-451-3963

Email us:

Book online: ONLINE BOOKING.


We are very pleased to be here to serve our loyal patients. Thank you for understanding our commitment to keeping our patients and our staff safe during this challenging time. 

Yours in Health,


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