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2 Minutes of Walking Helps Blood Sugars

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Control Your Blood Sugars

As Little As 2 Minutes of Walking Helps Blood Sugars

By Dr. Doug

Going for a “constitutional” after dinner isn’t such an old fashioned idea after all! While it is well known that walking is a great form of exercise, new research sheds light on how little effort it takes to achieve a health benefit.

Researchers at the University of Limerick in Ireland gleaned from several papers that compared walking, standing and sitting after a meal, that heart healthy benefits were produced by walking after eating a meal.

None of the subjects in the papers had diabetes or pre-diabetes. Measurements of their blood sugars after a meal showed that taking a short walk levelled out the insulin spikes that can come after eating. It is well understood that sharp rises and falls in blood sugar and insulin levels lead to type 2 diabetes.

The research showed that taking a short (even as little as 2 minute) walk within 60-90 minutes after a meal helped reduce blood sugar levels, keeping them from spiking. This is helpful since it can be easy at any point in the day to take a brief walk after a meal.

Turns out it's easy to get a handle on your blood sugar levels, just lace up your runners and get out there!

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