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Chiropractic Feels Good

Why Does A Chiropractic Adjustment Feel So Good?

You may have felt it. You get your spine adjusted and immediately feel less pain. How can something work so quickly?

The Scientific Answer

Studies of spinal mechanics and the physiological responses of spinal manipulation show that an adjustment reduces pain caused by mechanical stresses. Chiropractic adjustments also inhibit what are called nociceptive (pain) nerves. One of the main features of the nervous system is that most nerves inhibit others. In the spine, nerve endings that sense whether or not there is movement in the spinal joints, mechanoreceptors, inhibit the nociceptive fibres if there is adequate movement.

The Everyday Answer

When you get an adjustment and hear that “crack,” your joints are now moving freely allowing your nerves to relax and tone down your pain.

Pretty cool, eh?

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