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Is My Headache Coming From My Neck?

Headache Pain Might Start In Your Neck

Chiropractic Relieves Cervicogenic Headaches

Dr. Douglas Vlaskamp, DC, Clinic Director, Chiropractor

Although chiropractic adjustments have long been understood to help people

with cervicogenic headaches (head pain from a dysfunction of the cervical

spine), there hasn’t been any proof that one number of treatments was better

than another number. Two well-known chiropractic researchers decided to put

this question under the microscope.

256 subjects with chronic cervicogenic headaches were brought in for the study.

They were divided into groups that got either light massage (zero adjustments),

6, 12 or 18 adjustments over 6 weeks. Subjects were followed up 12 and 24

weeks after the treatment period.

Improvements ranged upward from 30% fewer days with headaches for the no

adjustment group. The group with 6 treatments over the six weeks had similar

results to the no adjustment group. The 12 and 18 treatment groups had significantly

better results, with the 18 treatment group having the largest number of

people with greater than 50% fewer headache days per month (about 8 fewer

headache days per month). The researchers noticed that for every additional 6

treatments in the experimental period, there was a bump in the level of improvement.

The improvements lasted beyond the treatment period, up to 24 weeks.

Headaches severely impact people’s ability to be productive and enjoy life. While

medication is helpful in the short term, headaches that come from the cervical

spine cannot be fixed by chemical methods. Chiropractic is both effective for

headache relief as well as extremely safe.

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