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Relieve Jaw Pain (TMJ)

We Can Treat TMJ Pain

(TMJ) Tempromandibular Joint Pain - Case Study

Dr. Douglas Vlaskamp, B.F.A., D.C.

A 29 year old female came to the office, complaining about jaw pain. She had been feeling it for a while. She had been exploring online and found out that chiropractors can help relieve this type of pain.

When opening her mouth, her jaw moved more to the right side. She had tenderness in front of her right ear, where she had been feeling the pain. There was tension in muscles of the right jaw and her neck and upper back. First, I worked on the muscles around the jaw. I did pressure point therapy to these muscles, both inside and outside her mouth. I also stretched the muscles in her neck and shoulders. Then, I adjusted her upper back and neck. She felt better immediately.

Jaw pain can happen for different reasons. Sometimes it is repetitive strain from things like gum chewing. Other times it is general stress in our lives that leads to clenching, grinding or just holding our mouth tensely. Of course it’s best to correct the actions that are causing the pain (if possible), but a course of work on the muscles around the jaw provide fast relief. It has been said that the jaw is the highest joint of the spine, so some adjustments of the neck and upper back help to improve pain and movement.

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