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Walk 10 More & Live Longer

Live Longer
Walk 10 Minutes More & Live Longer

Walk 10 Minutes More & Live Longer

The beneficial effects of exercise have become common knowledge. What is scientifically interesting, is to study what levels of exercise will produce a beneficial health effect. Recommendations are that adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per week. This can seem unattainable for people whose schedules are already full. But what if we exercise just a little bit more?

Researchers from the National Cancer Institute in the U.S. reviewed information from an ongoing survey called The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. They got data on nearly 5,000 participants who ranged in age from 40-85. In addition to filling the survey, the participants had worn an activity monitor for one week to see how much they moved. After grouping people by activity levels, their names were checked in the national death registry to see how long they lived.

Based on the information derived from this research, researchers created scenarios to see what changes would be made if people exercised 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes longer. They estimated that 10 minutes more spent walking briskly would lead to 111, 174 fewer deaths per year. 20 minutes extra lead to 209, 459 fewer deaths. 30 minutes lead to 272,297 fewer deaths, or a reduction of 17% of annual deaths.

The results of this study are important to communicate to the public. Finding just 10 more minutes a day to walk is not hard to do, and can offer you significant health benefits.

And remember, if you’re not exercising, start today!

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