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What's An Exercise Snack?

The Challenge Is Finding The Time To Exercise

Quick Intense Workouts Increase Fitness

Dr. Douglas Vlaskamp, DC, Clinic Director, Chiropractor

What is the biggest difficulty with trying to exercise? Finding the time.

A recent study shows that interval training is very helpful in improving

fitness, cardiovascular health and blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

But even these interval training sessions take 15-20 minutes, plus prep

and recovery afterward.

Researchers at McMaster University wondered if “exercise snacks” done

throughout the day might be effective. They enrolled a group of healthy but

inactive students, tested their fitness levels and then divided them between

the “exercise snack” group and a usual activity group.

The students who did the exercise were told to do some jumping jacks,

squats and lunges to warm up and then race up three flights of stairs as

quickly as possible. The stair climbing took roughly 20 seconds, totalling 60

seconds of exercise. They were to do this three times a day for six weeks.

What researchers found was that the exercise snacks helped to increase

fitness levels by 5%. This shows that even small amounts of exercise can

produce a result, and hopefully a habit of introducing exercise into our


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