Prenatal F.A.Q.

Are Your Therapists Registered?

Yes. All of our massage therapy services are provided by Registered Massage Therapists licensed to treat clients in Ontario. We follow all regulations regarding client consent to assessment and treatment.

Can I Use My Insurance Benefits?

Yes. Since our Massage Therapists are registered, most extended health benefits plans will cover their treatments. Contact your plan provider to see if you require a M.D. referral before you book your massage.

Do You Use Scented Lotions?

No. We do not use scented products as many clients have allergies to various scents.

Is Massage Therapy Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes. In fact, Massage Therapy is often recommended by Medical Doctors as a safe treatment to promote well-being during pregnancy. Relaxation Massage would be the appropriate treatment and not Deep Tissue Massage.

Will I Be Comfortable During the Massage?

Yes. As you get further along in your pregnancy it may be more difficult to get into a comfortable position. Our hydraulic massage tables make it easy for your therapist to align you in a comfortable position and extra pillows will help to secure you for treatment.


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