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Delicious Chocolate Cake

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Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe - Dr. Tamar Ferreira, ND

Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe (Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free)

By Dr. Tamar

Finding a birthday cake that fits all the checkmarks of delicious, healthy, and meeting dietary restrictions can be a real challenge! Most store-bought cakes that are vegan, dairy free, and gluten free are overly sweet, have poor texture, and just don’t taste like the “real thing”.

I’ve saved you the hunt for the perfect crowd-pleasing cake and am sharing my go-to cake recipe with you! This cake has been compared to a La Rocca cake by family members who have no dietary restrictions, so it should please both those with and without food sensitivities, as long as they are chocolate lovers.

This is the recipe I use for the cake itself, minus the icing:

Since I am not vegan, I replace the flax eggs with 4 real eggs most of the time. The plain almond milk can be replaced with unsweetened oat milk (if you are gluten free, make sure to choose gluten free certified oat milk as not all of them are). For the gluten free flour blend, I use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free 1 to 1 Baking Flour. Otherwise, I have followed the recipe as is.

The icing on the cake that I use is an avocado chocolate mousse:

I find that this blends best in a food processor as opposed to a blender (where the blades tend to get stuck as it is quite thick). I usually use cocoa powder as opposed to raw cacao powder, as that’s what I have on hand, and may use a bit less than 1 cup. If it’s too thick, you can dilute it with a splash of almond or oat milk. This chocolate mousse can be used as icing, pudding topped with fresh berries, or even frozen into popsicle molds to make fudgesicles!

I hope this cake recipe becomes a family favourite for you, just like it has in mine!

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