Custom Orthotics F.A.Q.

What Is The Difference Between Your Orthotics and The Ones From A Store?

Custom Orthotic Inserts are personalized for you. We make fully customized orthotics, while “off the shelf” orthotics from a store are made for an average foot shape and support needs. Our physical examination and computerized Gait Scan analysis help determine the specific support needs your feet. Also, the cast we make of your foot ensures that the orthotic is built to the precise size and shape of your foot. Custom Orthotic Inserts are usually covered by insurance while "off the shelf" inserts are not.

Why Is The Orthotic Insert Hard and Not Soft?

Your foot needs the support. Most foot, leg and back pain that starts with the feet is due to improper movement of your feet and ankles. We use a “semi-rigid” orthotic which gives your foot support, but still allows your feet to move through the proper stages of gait. There is usually some cushioning on your orthotic that helps reduce the impact of walking on a hard surface.

How Long Does A Custom Orthotic Last?

That's personal. The therapeutic life of your orthotic varies and is dependant on how you use them. Most people, even those who are on their feet all day at work, will get 3-5 years out of their pair of orthotics. If you run marathons with your orthotics, they will probably last about 6 months. If your plan covers a new pair every year or two, having a collection of them will make each one last longer… and you won’t have to wonder which shoes you left them in!


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