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Your Moving Parts

Your Moving Parts

So... you're in pain. We tend to think of our bodies in sections, especially if one of them is giving us pain. But as the saying goes, “everything is connected.” How do I come up with a diagnosis and a plan to treat you?

When examining a patient’s low back for example, first that person must bend their torso in all directions in order for me to assess spinal motion. Then I move the patient’s legs to assess how dysfunctional muscles in the upper thigh and hips may be affecting the low back. Other tests specifically assess how nerves in the back are reacting to certain movements.

Many people think a chiropractor only works on “the bones.” But the bones are connected to muscles that move them. If a muscle is too tight, it will stiffen up a joint between two bones. Likewise, a joint with restricted movement will also cause strain on a muscle whose job it is to move one of these bones. Without working on both the muscles and the joints, part of the problem isn’t being dealt with, and recovery will be slow.

Our bodies are built for movement, and keeping all those parts moving synergistically is very important. That is how chiropractic works and why it works so well for chiropractic patients. This is true when something is hurting, but also when it is not causing obvious pain. Regular treatments catch movement imbalances while they are small. Regular treatments help patients prevent recurrences of pain and help them remain pain free. We gladly invest in taking care of the moving parts of our cars, so why not for our bodies too?

We look forward to fixing your moving parts!

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