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Shovel Light

Shovel Light To Save Your Back!

We’ve had a couple reminders that winter means snow! As you are getting your snow clearing gear ready, start thinking about how to shovel safely.

Shovelling Tips - Before, During and After:

Before you start shovelling:

  • Stay hydrated - this is an issue throughout winter months for many people

  • Dress in layers - If you start to get too warm, you can remove a layer and still be warm

  • Wear proper footwear - Better treads means you’re less likely to slip and fall

  • Use the right shovel - A lighter, smaller shovel will minimize the weight of the snow you try to move. Using a push style shovel reduces lifting… until the snow pile gets high.

  • Warm up before starting - A brisk walk, swinging your arms will loosen up muscles and help to prevent injuries

Techniques for shovelling:

  • Push, don’t throw - Push the snow to the side for as long as you can. If you must lift the snow to put it on a pile, face the pile directly… don’t twist!

  • Bend your knees - Do a squat keeping your back straight and as upright as possible.

  • Stabilize the shovel with your arms and then straighten the knees. This will mean you’re using your whole body to lift and not just your back.

After Shovelling:

  • When you're done shovelling, you're not done yet! Take a few minutes to stretch out your arms, hands, neck, back and legs and then sit down with a nice big glass of water!

If you do hurt yourself when shovelling, book a chiropractic appointment as soon as possible. You will be assessed to see what type of treatment is best for a quick recovery.

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