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Face Masks

Face Masks STRONGLY Recommended

On June 11, 2022, the Ontario Government will be lifting the remaining COVID-19 restrictions except in long term care facilities. Our clinical practitioners and staff will continue to wear N95 masks and we STRONGLY recommend that you wear a mask when entering our clinic.

If you arrive without a mask, but would like to wear one, you will be provided with a medical grade mask at no cost.

Why have we made this decision regarding face masks?

There are a few reasons. COVID-19 continues to spread easily within the community. Our practitioners and staff are in close contact with many patients each day and for our continued safety and that of our patients we feel masking is a reasonable precaution. Another factor in our decision is that we are a small business and our practitioners are self-employed. Every potential contact with COVID-19 has a cascading effect on our ability to work and provide for our families.

We hope you can understand and respect our decision on this matter.

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