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Happy Winter Solstice

Welcome The Return of The Light

Today we celebrate the start of the return of the sun! We hope that however you celebrate this festive time of year, that your loved ones can gather around you for good food, good fun and good times!

Merry Christmas from all of us!

Dr. Doug, Dr. Tamar, Dr. Jas, Amber, Sarah, Kenny, Beth, Margaret, Gabriella and Dale

A reminder of our holiday schedule:

We will be CLOSED: Thursday, December 22 Friday, December 23 Saturday, December 24 Sunday, December 25 Monday, December 26 Tuesday, December 27

We will be OPEN: Wednesday, December 28 (2:00 - 7:00) Thursday, December 29 (2:00 - 7:00) Note - Chiropractic appointments will be reserved for acute patients.

We will be CLOSED: Friday, December 30 Saturday, December 31 Sunday, January 1

Have A Wonderful Holiday Season!

Call us at: 905-451-3963

Book online: Online Booking

Visit our website:

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