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Make Your Health Benefits Work

How To Effectively Use Your Health Benefits

Happy New Year! Harness the energy that comes with a fresh new year and make your health a priority in 2023!

Many people are lucky to have health benefits plans through their employers, but often don't know how to use those benefits effectively. With over 20 years caring for patients, we have a couple of suggestions:

1) Check Your Plan Details At The Start Of The Year

(Your coverage can change year to year)

Ask if you need a MD referral for massage therapy. This is a common requirement and sometimes needs to be updated annually. Chiropractors and Naturopathic Doctors are doctors and treatment with them does not require a referral.

Not on a calendar year? This advice can be applied whenever your health benefits plan cycle starts.

2) What Am I Covered For?

Find out what type of treatments you have coverage for. If you typically use only Chiropractic or only Massage Therapy, did you know that the 2 treatments work really well together for maximum health results. Consider adding a few appointments a year with a Naturopathic Doctor to help get nagging health concerns under control, such as inflammation, digestive complaints or hormonal problems.

3) Schedule Throughout The Year

We are in demand and get really busy at the end of the year when people realize they did not take advantage of their health benefits plan. Planning and scheduling to care for yourself throughout the year is also the most effective therapeutically. We are happy to pre-book monthly appointments for current patients in good standing.

4) Direct Billing To Insurance

Sign up for Direct Billing to Insurance. We Direct Bill to most insurance companies. You will only need to complete the form once and then we do the work for you!

Don't have health insurance? Planning for your healthcare budget throughout the year is even more important for you. Remember, your state of health has a direct impact on your ability to do your job and to care for your family. Make your health a priority!

We look forward to caring for you in 2023!

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