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Step-by-Step Guide to Orthotics

Custom Orthotic Inserts Help Sore Feet
Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Custom Orthotic Inserts

Help For Your Sore Feet

Our experience tells us that most people can benefit from Custom Orthotic Inserts. If you have painful feet, stand a lot, walk a lot, are a runner or wear high heels, custom orthotic inserts might be a solution for you!

We examine your feet and do a Gait Scan Analysis to identify why you are experiencing pain. We might recommend custom orthotic inserts, hands-on manual therapy or both. We have years of experience fitting patients.

You don't have to suffer with nagging, painful foot conditions that might even be causing pain further up in your body.

Let us help you get some relief!

Step 1

If you are paying out-of-pocket, all you need to do is schedule an initial orthotic appointment with Dr. Doug.

If you want to use your health benefits coverage call us after you speak with your insurance company.

You will need to get the answers to 3 questions BEFORE you book your appointment:

1. Can a chiropractor DISPENSE my orthotic?

2. Do I need a MD referral?

3. What is my coverage for ORTHOTIC INSERTS?


  • Orthotic and Orthopaedic are not the same.

  • If you are interested in shoes, please be aware that very few plans cover footwear and you will most likely have to go through a PRE-APPROVAL process which can take weeks.

  • Direct Billing is not allowed for orthotics.

Step 2

Book an INITIAL ORTHOTIC appointment and complete the form that will be emailed to you in your confirmation email. Dr. Doug will examine your feet and look at your feet in motion on a computerized force plate. If he sees that a custom orthotic would benefit you, he will make a foam cast of your feet and send that out for the inserts to be made.

The fee for inserts is $450. A $150 deposit is required at this initial appointment.

Step 3

You will receive a call from us letting you know that your orthotics are ready. Book an ORTHOTIC FOLLOW UP appointment. We will have all the required paperwork ready and dated for this day of orthotic dispensing. Dr. Doug will check the fit of your inserts and explain how to get used to them. The balance of the fee will be required at this appointment. 

If You Are Claiming to Your Insurance

A minimum of 2 weeks are required to make your inserts. Paperwork and payment have to happen in your insurance coverage time frame and cannot be pre or post dated.

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