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4 Tips To Reduce Low Back Pain

Can't Sleep
Most People Will Experience Low Back Pain At Some Time

4 Tips To Reduce Low Back Pain

Beyond coming in for treatment like an adjustment or a massage, there are things that YOU can do to help get rid of low back pain and keep it away. They are simple things, but we need to work them into our schedule to ensure that we do them every day.

Tip # 1 - Move Your Body

Just moving helps.

If you have a job that has you sitting throughout the day, make opportunities to get up and take quick walks, even as short as a minute or two. While you’re up, also bend and stretch your back.

Tip #2 - Exercise

Exercise is the next step.

No specific kind of exercise has been shown to be more helpful than another one, but probably doing a variety of exercise will give you the best result. Get your steps in for a light-to-moderate cardio exercise. Some weight training will give you that short burst of strength that we need sometimes. Yoga or pilates will work on controlling how we use muscles. Research is showing that this control of our muscles is important no matter what your level of fitness. What ever kind of exercise you like… do it.

Tip #3 - Exercise Your Deep Core

Exercise your deep core muscles.

We are always better at exercising the muscles we see. That is the reason that some people have well developed muscles in the front, but not so much in the back. The same is true with deeper spinal muscles. Sit ups and crunches work the six pack muscles, but the more important deeper muscles like the transversus abdominus and the multifidus muscles end up neglected. Do planks and bridges to work these deeper muscles. Hold these exercises for a period of time and you train them to improve your posture and save your low back from pain.

Tip #4 - Treatment

Getting treatment is important.

Reducing muscle tension, improving the balance of tightness or weakness from one side to the other and getting stuck joints to move as they are meant to, all help get rid of low back pain. Studies have shown that exercise AND chiropractic adjustments help low back pain much more than either one of them alone.

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