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8 Summer Fit Tips

Summer's On!

Summer usually means more time outside and lots more activity. While that is a good thing, remember some tips to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

Here are 8 tips:

  1. Warm up. Whether it is playing a sport or working in the yard, remember to warm up the muscles and joints. Take a moderately quick walk, do some jumping jacks… basically move the legs and arms to increase your heart rate and loosen up.

  2. Use the right technique. Remember to bend the knees and not just bend at the waist. Get a professional to check your workout or sport related technique. Working good habits into your movement helps reduce the chance of hurting yourself.

  3. Maximize your mobility. Ease of movement of the joints and muscles improves your athletic abilities and minimizes certain injuries. If you feel stiff before you start your activity, stretch a little too.

  4. Drink fluids. It is certainly hot, so staying hydrated is important. The most important drink is water. If you are exerting yourself for more than an hour you might need to boost some electrolytes. An inexpensive way to do that is some diluted apple juice!

  5. Take your time. If you have some big outdoor tasks, you should break them up into portions. Rest in between and recover your energy. When you feel tired, you’re more likely to not use proper techniques and hurt yourself.

  6. Cool down after. This is the part we usually forget! If your heart is pumping, do a light walk for several minutes. If you have been lifting things repeatedly, swing your arms and move your legs to work the strain out. Don’t forget to stretch after activity.

  7. Treat injuries promptly. If you do hurt yourself, the usual approach is to ice the area and reduce inflammation. If it is just some overexertion, some mild heat will help to soothe the aches.

  8. If the pain doesn’t go away, see your chiropractor. After 2-3 days you should be feeling better, especially if you have been following this advice. If the pain is still present, get an assessment and treatment before the pain becomes something more chronic.

Enjoy your summer, it doesn't last long!

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