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Lift Weights? Save Your Back!

Prevent Back Injury When Weightlifting!

Weight lifting is a great way to increase strength throughout the whole body. However, injuries to the back, shoulders and knees are common.

Here are some simple rules to follow so you can begin or even increase your weight lifting routine without injury:

1) First, know what a neutral spine feels like.

Technique is all important with weight lifting, and it begins with good posture. To know what a neutral spine feels like, stand with your back to the wall. You should touch the wall with your buttocks, shoulders and the base of your skull (don’t lift your chin to do this). Engage your abdominals which will reduce the curve of the low back somewhat, not completely (some curve is good). This is your starting point for any exercises you are doing. When you are comfortable with this position, you can use it to safely do your exercises.

2) Start light.

Especially if you are getting back into weight lifting, don’t try to start off where you left off! Go light and make sure your technique is good before increasing the weight. This may take time, but less than the time to recover from an injury.

3) Pick up the weights correctly.

Don’t forget your technique in between exercises. Keeping your low back straight as you bend and bending your knees helps keep your back safe as you retrieve and put away your weights, too.

4) Be patient.

People often are looking for results, and these don’t always come quickly. Be consistent with your workouts and you will achieve the results you are working for.

Preventing back pain is easier than fixing it. Take care of your back every time you lift those weights!

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