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Pandemic "Pain in the Butt"

Deep Gluteal Syndrome

By Dr. Doug

Recently I have had some patients coming in for treatment and describing pain that I haven't seen before. The patients are having buttock pain which can be sharp at times, bending at the hip feels restricted, and the pain isn’t going away with the usual treatments and stretches. Another thing in common for these patients was that they were all sitting much longer at their computers due to working from home. Luckily, when I was reading recent health research publications I found an article which described the symptoms I was seeing.

Deep Gluteal Pain Syndrome is not caused by the usual problems like a bulging disc, an irritated sacroiliac joint, or pressure from the piriformis muscle. It is a result of the nerves in the buttock getting pressed on by the obturator internus, one of the muscles located lower and deeper in the buttock. Due to it's location, the usual stretches just don’t work well on this muscle!

Researchers, including ones at McMaster University, have identified the cause of the pain and demonstrated ways to find it. Once it has been identified, stretches that will specifically target this muscle do the trick. As always, trying to avoid sitting too long helps, too.

If you are experiencing the symptoms described please book in for an appointment. Life is already stressful enough without another "Pain in the Butt"!

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