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Stop That "Pain In The Neck"

Stop That "Pain In The Neck"!

Your "Pain In The Neck" is, well, a pain in the neck! Neck pain often happens when your muscles become strained from every-day movements and positions rather than from a specific injury. Your neck pain is an indication of bad posture and can lead to muscle stiffness and soreness, and then eventually to degenerated discs and spinal joints.

How can you relieve the pain and hopefully prevent those degenerated discs and joints? The first step is to make sure that your muscles are flexible and let you achieve a better posture. Which specific muscles are tight, will decide what stretches you have to do. Once your stiffness improves, postural exercises help achieve a muscle efficient position of the spine and they strengthen the muscles to help hold the spine in these positions. Once you develop better posture, you can incorporate good posture into your exercise routine and reinforce better posture in everything you do.

It's a new year! Let Dr. Doug help you get rid of the "Pain In The Neck!"

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