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Winter Walking Safety

Preventing A Fall Is The Best Plan!

Snow can be slippery and if ice is hidden underneath, danger is definitely lurking there!

Here are some simple steps to help avoid a bad fall this winter:

  1. Walk Like A Penguin - Keep your body slightly forward and take small steps. This will keep your centre of gravity over your front foot, decreasing the chance that it will slide out from under you. Slipping and falling most often involves the foot slipping forward and weight falling back.

  2. Keep Walkways Clear - Shovelling snow quickly after it falls minimizes the freezing up of your walkway. Use ice melter to get rid of and prevent icing up of the walking surface.

  3. Take Precautions - Not sure if there is ice underneath? Test it out with your toe first. If a sidewalk is too slippery, walk beside it in the snow, your feet will get a better grip.

  4. Lighten Your Load - Too much weight on our upper bodies can throw off our balance. And if you slip, you might need your arms to help catch your balance again.

  5. Keep Exercising - Strong, flexible muscles coupled with a good sense of balance can be achieved through exercise. Good strength and balance will help reduce your chances of falling.

If you do end up having a fall this winter - Don't Despair! If you fall and have pain, inflammation or bruising, book a Laser Therapy appointment with Dr. Doug. He'll get you moving in no time!

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